More Choice and More Voice

Three Keys to a Better Ballot


Equalize signature requirements for all candidates.


Participate in the primary election, regardless of your political affiliation.


Use Ranked Choice Voting to express your preferences by ranking up to five candidates in the general election.

Donate to give Arizonans a real voice in elections!

We are at a pivotal moment-- our state holds the potential to be a trailblazer, guiding the nation toward a more equitable and inclusive electoral system.

Why You Should Donate

  • Empower Voters: Your generous donation is an act of empowerment, advocating for critical reforms that give voters more voice and more choice. Final Five Voting ensures that every voter's voice resonates, making elections more inclusive and guaranteeing that the candidate with the widest support emerges victorious.
  • Strengthen Democracy: When you contribute, you fortify the very foundations of our democracy. Arizona stands poised to become a beacon, illustrating that elections can be fair, transparent, and accessible to all.
  • Support Change-Makers: Your donation fuels a dedicated team of volunteers and activists who toil ceaselessly to usher in positive change. Together, we are the driving force behind electoral reform in Arizona.
  • Boost Fundraising Efforts: Your seed funds will also serve as the catalyst for additional fundraising initiatives. These resources will enable us to broaden our reach and garner more support for our cause.


As a 501(c)(4) Non-Profit Organization, donations to Better Ballot Arizona are NOT tax deductible. 


Arizona Voters Registered Outside of The Two Major Parties


Signature Requirements Are Up to Six Times Greater for Independent Candidates


Number of Independents Elected to State or Federal Office


of AZ Elections are safe races, so the Primary determines the winner

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