2024 Publicity Pamphlet Ballot Arguments

3 of the resolutions referred to the 2024 November ballot from the Arizona Legislature pose a threat not just to enacting future reforms in Arizona, but to having an accessible and effective citizen’s initiative process.

Prop 134 – Signature Distribution Requirements for Initiatives (SCR1015)

  • If passed, this constitutional amendment would require signatures from 10% of registered voters in each legislative district to initiate state statutes for the ballot and would require signatures from 15% of registered voters in each legislative district to initiate constitutional amendments for the ballot.
  • This effectively gives any rural legislative district a VETO in qualifying popular citizen-led initiatives which would diminish the voices of the major populations in Maricopa County and Pima County.
  • This could increase signature collection costs by 10X as well as increase legal costs by an order of magnitude that would make qualifying a ballot initiative so expensive that it would be inaccessible to Arizona’s citizens.

Prop 133- Require Partisan Primaries (HCR2033)

  • If passed, this constitutional amendment would require a direct primary election be conducted for partisan offices. Each qualified political party shall be permitted to nominate candidates equal to the number of positions to be filled in the general election. It would supersede any conflicting local laws.
  • This would prevent the use of Open Primaries or Ranked Choice Voting for partisan offices (Statewide, County, Legislative, Federal)
  • It could force cities to change their election practices
  • May conflict with charter city election sovereignty

SCR 1041- Early Challenges to the Constitutionality Citizen’s Initiatives

  • If passed, this measure would allow for additional challenges as soon as a ballot initiative is filed with the Secretary of State’s office.
  • These challenges will distract any citizen-led initiatives when they should be devoting their limited or paid resources to collecting enough valid signatures during the petitioning stage. Increased legal costs at this stage will make citizen-led reform even less accessible.

Arizonans may share their arguments opposing these measures on the AZ Secretary of State’s Publicity Pamphlet Portal. The portal is open from Noon on Monday, May 20th to Wednesday, July 3rd. Submissions to the portal will be published in the Publicity Pamphlet that is sent out to all Arizona Voters before ballots arrive.

After submitting, let us know by logging your submission with us in the form above. We will send you reminders for these and any future measures that threaten to prevent electoral reform or end citizen’s initiatives in Arizona. If the $75 cost to submit arguments is an obstacle that would keep you from submitting your opposition, apply for a sponsorship.